Premier League Plus New Winter Specials

BIGGG Screen Sports Plus Double and Mix only R25.
FREE Entry to the Restaurant and Garden.
We able to play 2 games at the same time.
The most popular games take preference.
Everton vs Wolves – 7pm
Tottenham vs Aston Villa – 7pm
Newcastle vs Sheffield United – 7pm
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal – 8pm
Burnley vs Liverpool – 9:15pm
West Brom vs West Ham – 9:15pm

Warm-Up Wednesday presents.
PLUS Stand-Up Comedy and Awesome Specials including our new
Double and Mix for only R25.
Plain Nachos only R60
Double Jack Daniels R40.
Double Southern Comfort R30.
Double Vodka Plus RedBull R50.
More specials available in store.
Stand-up Comedy:
CJ Benson Comedian
Kagiso KG Mokgadi
Nelson de Gouveia
Ismail Moses
Delivery Bolt FOOD APP
Specials on selected brands only.