R10 Tuesday + Live Bands + Djs

Trenchtown’s R10 Tuesday.

Brandy + Mix – R10
Vodka + Mix – R10
Whiskey + Mix – R10
Gin + Mix – R10
Rum + Mix – R10
Tequila – R10
Selected Shots – R10

Get ready for a night filled with epic rock jams and feet stomping!
We first have James Sweetnam gracing the stage with some chilled indie tunes.
Following up is the proto-punk band Petrol Station Pies with their deep yet ecstatic stage presence.
And finally we have the up-and-coming Metro Villa, an alternative rock band who will be closing the night off in the incredible way they do.
James Sweetnam – 8pm
Petrol Station Pies – 9pm
Metro Villa – 10pm
More specials available in store.
Selected brands.