Year Of The Women + FREE Entry + Specials

Tonight #YearOfTheWomen – Part5 is here!!!
FREE Entry to the Garden, Courtyard and Bar ALL NIGHT.
Outside Chill Area
Good Vibes.
Specials run all day:

Year Of The Women is a Hip Hop event that’s all about empowerment, upliftment and creating a safe space for Women/LGBTQI + community in Hip Hop culture.
EVERYONE is welcome to attend the event, YES MALES too!! We bring you an all exclusive female/queer line up.

The theme is 90s/Early 2000s R&B!!! 🔥🔥🔥 a throwback to the music that never left our hearts.
You know you fully crossed over to adulthood when the music you spun in your youth becomes retro.

That’s why that expression “the good old days” brings about major nostalgic vibes, particularly in an increasingly digital world where pictures of throwback sweet packaging, primitive mobile phones and who can forget the FASHION!!!

The 90s and early 2000s R&B was definitely flavoursome, it was vivid and it led to some of the best pop music of our time. Come on down and experience this magical, soulful, nostalgic moment with us while being entertained by the best of the best women/queer bodies in CPT.
Trenchtown Specials all day – Saturday All Pizzas R80

i420 Sundaza + ALL Cocktails R50 or less + The Comedy House is Back (FREE ENTRY)

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Monday Bottomless

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