R10 Tuesday

Trenchtown’s R10 Tuesday.

Brandy + Mix – R10
Vodka + Mix – R10
Whiskey + Mix – R10
Gin + Mix – R10
Rum + Mix – R10
Tequila – R10
Selected Shots – R10
More specials available in store.

Selected brands.
Delivery Bolt APP: boltfood.onelink.me
Website – https://trenchtown.co.za/
Email – trenchtown.obz@gmail.com
Call – 021-447 1787
Upcoming Trenchtown Events and Specials.
Wednesday Buy 1 Get 1 FREEEE – Thursday Half Price + Karaoke

Friday – Trancetown

Saturday Gandalf’s Reunion Show

ONCE OFF EVENT. To all our Trenchtown regulars, PLEASE note on Saturday the 25th of June Gandalf’s has hired the entire venue for their reunion party. Tickets for the reunion show available on Quicket.https://qkt.io/PQNO2I This is a once off event.
12 hours of Awesomeness
Body Suspension
Alternative Market
3 Stages
Sunday – ALL Cocktails R50 or less.

Plan your week

Market – email trenchtown.obz@gmail.com

Gandalf’s reunion show